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Last updated : Nov 2009
Zurich, ja!
Pros: spectacular scenery, friendly people, amazing chocolates, good shopping, random statues, great food, neat cobblestone streets
Cons: freezing cold

Zurich, Switzerland

Tuesday, Jun 07, 2005 20:04

Alright, I'm still loving Switzerland. I'm now in Zurich. Tomorrow I'm going to the Lindt chocolate facotry! (Which yes, is my sole purpose for coming to this city!) I do like it here, however, all these cities are beginning to look the same. Well, here it's freezing cold, so it has that going for it, but they all have neat cobblestone streets, they all have good shopping, most of them are the same stores, they all have random statues, and the list could go on. Well, except they speak German here, which is totally different than anything I have ever heard before. But it's neat. I'm sure the Dutch I hear in Amsterdam will sound just as surreal.

Geneva was lots of fun. Roxanna and I went out for fondue last night. It was yummy! And she took the train with me to Zurich (but she continued on to Germany to see her Dad, who was there on business) which was really nice.

Anyways, not much new to report. I'll write more later!