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Turkey Communications
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All hotels and PTT offices have fascimile services.


Internet cafes exist in main urban areas.

Main ISPs include:



These may be sent from all post offices.


 IDD is available

 Country code: 90

 Outgoing international code: 00

There is a wide internal telephone network, but often an interpreter will be needed for more remote areas. To phone from PTT telephone booths, which are found almost everywhere, telephone cards and tokens are used. Local, intercity and international calls can be made from all PTT offices.

Mobile telephones

GSM 900 and 1800 band networks exist. Coverage is available in most urban areas.

Main network providers include:


 TELSIM Mobil Telekomuniksyon



Airmail to Europe takes three days.

Turkish post offices are recognisable by their yellow PTT signs.

Post office hours: major outlets Monday-Saturday 0800-2000, Sunday 0900-1900; smaller post offices have the same opening hours as government offices. It is also possible to use the 'Valuables Despatch Service' for more valuable belongings or important documents.


The main newspapers are: The Turkish Daily News.





English-language daily newspapers include:

 The Turkish Daily News


From time to time the radio frequencies change and the most up to date information can be found online:

 BBC World Service can be received.

 Voice of America can be received