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Turkey Sports
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Turkey has numerous mountain ranges with peaks ranging from heights of 3250m (10,660ft) to the 5165m (16,945ft) of Mount Agri (Ararat), the highest mountain in Anatolia, which provide excellent climbing possibilities for both novice and expert climbers. Permission is required from the Turkish Mountaineering Club.


Winter sports resorts in Turkey are normally located in forested mountains. Ski centres are often easily accessible by road or by Turkish Airlines domestic flights. Most resorts are in the north (near Ankara) and the western interior.


The Mediterranean coast, particularly Izmir, has very warm waters and watersports are widely available.


Turkey's huge interior of unspoilt natural world, mountains, plateaux, villages and ancient ruins is perfect for exploring< on foot.


There are at present 5 championship courses in Turkey; one of which is at the Klassis resort close to Istanbul, the other 4 of which are in the resort of Belek in the Antalya region.
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