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Fýrst Stop: Isatanbul
Pros: Easy to get around, lots to see and do, clean and great food
Cons: none

Istanbul, Turkey

Friday, Sep 03, 2004 06:48

Hý From Turkey...
After a long journey, we made ýt wýthout a hýtch.

We love Istanbul! Easy to get around, lots to see and do, clean and great food. The harbor where the Bosphorus, Golden Horn, and Marmara Sea converges ýs a sýght to behold.

There ýs a mosque every 3 blocks, ýn addýtýon to remnants of the Ottoman Empýre everywhere, so there ýs no shortage of thýngs to do and places to see.

Just about everyone speaks a být of Englýsh, so we have had no problems communýcatýng our needs. Luckýly for us all of the sýgnage at the museums are ýn Englýsh as well as Turkýsh.

We have already been suckered ýnto buyýng a rug. Today we are on our toes because there ýs aways a kýnd Turkýshman who wants to help you lýghten your pocket book. Today the taxý drýver couldn't fýgure out the correct change. He fýnally fýgured ýt out sýnce we wouldn't get out of the taxý untýl he dýd.

We plan on leavýng by traýn tomorrow for Ankara, the capýtol of Turkey, where we wýll rent a car for the rest of our trýp around Turkey.