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Last updated : Nov 2009
UAE Getting Around - Internal Travel
UAE Internal Travel - Getting Around UAE - TravelPuppy.com

Daily flights link Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Flights can be chartered and there are landing fields throughout the United Arab Emirates


Passenger and commercial serve all coastal ports. A water taxi crosses the creek between Dubai and Deira.


There are good roads along the west coast between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah; between Sharjah and Dhaid; and linking Dubai with other Northern States and the interior. Traffic drives on the right. The speed limit in built-up areas is 60kph or 38mph and 80 to 100kph or 50 to 63mph elsewhere.

Bus: Services link most towns but is limited. Most hotels run their own bus services to the airport, city center and beach resorts.

Taxi: Available in all cities. In Abu Dhabi and Al-Ain, urban journey fares are metered. Fares for longer journeys should be agreed to in advance. There is a small surcharge for air-conditioned taxis. Most visitors find taxis to be the quickest and most convenient method of travel from Abu Dhabi to Dubai.

Car hire: International car hire companies are based at the airports or hotels. A passport and either a valid international or national license are required.

Documentation: An International Driving Permit is advisable although it is not legally required. A local driving license can be issued if you hold a valid national driving license. Two photos and a passport are required to issue the license.