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Last updated : Nov 2009
My Dubai Trip
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mar 05, 2004 11:02

many shopping places
Cons: none

I've just left Dubai here in the U.A.E. and find that there is much more to do than meets the eye. Prices are medium, we get 3.67 durhams to 1 US dollar and this made taxi trips somewhat easier. We went to just about every mall there, including the largest Citi Center and Wafi City. We also visited the Gold Souk and the Electronics Souk where we found very good deals on gold necklaces and bracelets, most of them were to goddy but we found some that fit what we were looking for. As for me Im not one to wander around in the hot sun and shop all day, I stayed near the pool at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort, it is expensive in comparison to others but well worth it. At night came the clubs and discotechs, for this we ended up having to go to the hotel's for there they had there own clubs inside. We went to York International first, upstairs on the third floor was a bar with pool tables and a band set up with a dance floor and yes there was the usual uhmmm... girls there waiting for there next customer. Ahhh the russian women, very good, but dont get fooled be giving what they ask of DHS400 u can almost certain bring them to 300 if not lower. The second night we went to the infamous Astoria Hotel with its two clubs, one downstairs called T.G.I. Thursdays and upstairs called Poncho Villas. We stayed at Poncho Villas where most people were, loud hip-hop music and good bar service. I hated it that I payed DHS30-35 for a shot and 1 beer "Corona" was DHS18. They have a waterpark some friends went to also in Dubai on the road to Jebel Ali near the Hard Rock Cafe *excellent food* I hear the waterpark is pretty fun, the name is Wadi Wadi Waterpark. We also went to Planet Hollywood, kinda lame becasue it was dead and it wasnt really up-kept on I thought. No enthusiasm at all. We were ported in Port Rashid this time, the russian cruise terminal. Now we are headed for Goa, India.