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Last updated : Nov 2009
UAE Visa - Passport
UAE Visa and Passport Information - TravelPuppy.com
  Passport Required Visa Required Return Ticket Required
British Yes No/1 Yes
Australian Yes No/3 Yes
Canadian Yes No/3 Yes
USA Yes No/3 Yes
Other EU Yes No/2 Yes
Japanese Yes No/3 Yes
Restricted entry and transits

The Government of the UAE does not allow entry and or transit to nationals of Israel.


The requirements for a UAE visa by all except the following:

(1) 1. Nationals of the UK with the endorsement ‘British Citizen’ for a maximum of 30 days;
(2) 2. Nationals of EU countries for a maximum of 30 days;
(3) 3. Nationals of Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, USA and Vatican City for a maximum of 30 days;
(4) Nationals of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia;
(5) Transit passengers, provided holding valid onward or return documentation and not leaving the airport for up to 12 hours.


The Embassy only issues visas for diplomatic or service visits. For routine travel, UAE visas for tourists and travelers (wishing to visit family) and business travelers must be arranged through the sponsor (the hotel or package tour operator or UAE resident or company concerned). For approval the sponsor will need the visitor’s flight and passport details in advance. Business visas are secured by invitation only and proof of company trading license is needed.

Types of visa and costs

Tourist and Business: £20. This cost is for UK nationals but price is dependent on nationality. Multiple-entry visas are issued in very special circumstances. In case of a visa being arranged by a sponsor, the request for multiple-entry should be marked clearly on the forms.


Tourist visas are valid for 30 days from date of entry and two months from date of issue. It is possible to extend visas on request for up to a maximum of 90 days at the local immigration office.

>Application toSponsor as described above.

Application requirements:

(1) Valid passport.
(2) One passport size photo.
(3) Letter from applicant's company/organisation (with extra copy) stipulating position held and purpose of visit.
(4) Letter showing proof of sponsorship.
(5) Fee, payable in cash only.
(6) Sponsors name, address, telephone number and occupation (business activity if a company). Contact local sponsor for details of individual requirements.

Working days required

Between 1 and 5 days when arranged through a sponsor. Allowances should be made for possible approval delays. It is strongly recommended to apply well in advance of departure date.


Passports need to be valid for a minimum of 3 months from date of arrival. At times a sponsor will hold a visitor’s passport and a receipt will be issued. A receipt is generally be accepted in place of a passport where a transaction may require one.