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Last updated : Nov 2009
Vanuatu Sports
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Water Sports

Discover Vanuatu's underwater world. The good visibility and warm temperature of Vanuatu’s waters ensure brilliant conditions for scuba - diving, which can be practised all year round. Most dive operators are situated in Port - Vila, on the island of Efaté, and on Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu’s biggest island. Several World War II shipwrecks, generally in fairly deep waters, lie scattered around the islands, 1 of the most famous being the SS President Coolidge. The Million Dollar Point, where military equipment was dumped at the end of the war, can also be explored by divers. The seabed around the offshore islands of North Efaté is well known for its deep canyons. For further information on diving, please contact:

Vanuatu Scuba Association (VSA)
Address: Tranquility Island Dive Base, PO Box 991, Port-Vila, Vanuatu
Telephone: 22209

There are numerous other watersports on offer. There are many stunning beaches suitable for swimming and most hotels have pools. Kayaking, sailing, game fishing, windsurfing and water - skiing are also popular.

Bird Watching

Vanuatu boasts a fruitful and varied birdlife. 1 of the best times to view birds is during the breeding season (September to January), especially in the southern islands.

There is a tennis club at Port - Vila and others at resorts in Vanuatu. There are also many 9 to 18 hole golf courses, visitors can arrange rounds through hotels or the Vanuatu National Tourism Office. Horse riding is offered, as well as Hiking in the mountains and through the rainforest.