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Last updated : Nov 2009
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Aden as a port goes back a long way in history, it is mentioned in the Biblical Book of Ezekiel (c. 6th century BC). There is a collection of pre Islamic artefacts in the National Museum of Antiquities near Tawahi Harbour.

Crater, the oldest part of the city, lies in the crater of an extinct volcano and is where the most antique constructions in Aden may be seen. These are the Aden Tanks, manmade reservoirs, partially cut out of the rock, with a storage capacity of 50,000,000 litres.

When it rains, the upper basins fill up 1st and then overflow into the lower basins. The Ethnographical Museum and the Military Museum can also be found in Crater. The 14 th century Mosque of Sayyid Abdullah al-Aidrus commemorates the patron saint of Aden.

In Ma’allah, the visitor can see customary Arab boats. To the south of Aden is Little Aden, which is also in the crater of an extinct volcano, this is an area of small fishing villages in sheltered bays, with many superb beaches fringing the Indian Ocean.