Ninh Binh, Vietnam: Must-See Attractions, Tips and Advice 2023

A place where nature and history dance together in a mesmerizing ballet of limestone karsts, ancient temples, and serene waterways. If you’ve ever dreamt of stepping into a postcard, Ninh Binh is where that dream comes alive.

Nestled in the northern part of Vietnam, this province is a testament to the country’s rich tapestry of culture and breathtaking landscapes.

Getting to Ninh Binh

Train Hanoi to Ninh Binh

So, you’re itching to get to this slice of paradise? Well, you’re in luck. Ninh Binh is quite accessible, especially if you’re coming from major cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City.

  • By Train: The train journey offers a scenic route, allowing you to soak in the Vietnamese countryside. From Hanoi, it’s a comfortable 2-hour ride. Just grab a window seat, and let the landscape roll by.
  • By Bus: Buses are a popular choice for many travelers, especially those on a budget. They run frequently between Hanoi and Ninh Binh, and the journey takes about 3 hours.
  • Private Vehicle: If you’re someone who cherishes privacy and comfort, hiring a private vehicle might be your best bet. It gives you the flexibility to stop by quaint villages or picturesque spots along the way.

Fun Fact: Ninh Binh is often referred to as the “Inland Halong Bay” due to its striking resemblance to the famous Halong Bay but without the sea!

Natural Wonders

Trang An & Tam Coc By Boat

Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

Imagine gliding on a boat, with towering limestone karsts on either side and entering mysterious caves that lead to hidden valleys. That’s Trang An for you.

This UNESCO World Heritage site is not just about its natural beauty; it’s a place where stories of the past echo in every rock and waterway.

Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Often dubbed as the “Halong Bay on land,” Tam Coc is a mesmerizing blend of rice paddies, rivers, and limestone mountains. And while you’re here, don’t miss out on the Bich Dong Pagoda.

This ancient pagoda, nestled in a mountainside, whispers tales of a time long gone.

Pro Tip: The best way to explore Tam Coc is by taking a boat tour. Local women, with impeccable rowing skills, often steer these boats, making the experience even more authentic.

Historical and Cultural Treasures

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital

Step back in time as you walk through the remnants of Vietnam’s ancient capital. Hoa Lu, once the political heart of Vietnam, is now a serene place where temples dedicated to ancient emperors stand tall amidst the greenery. As you wander, you’ll learn about the Dinh and Le dynasties and their significant role in shaping Vietnam’s history.

Bai Dinh Pagoda

A spiritual journey awaits you at Bai Dinh Pagoda, the largest complex of Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia. With its grand architecture, towering statues, and tranquil surroundings, it’s a place where you can find peace and perhaps, a bit of yourself.

Fun Fact: The Bai Dinh Pagoda complex houses the largest bronze Buddha statue in Vietnam, weighing a whopping 100 tons!

Cuc Phuong National Park

Ah, the allure of Cuc Phuong National Park! As Vietnam’s first established national park, Cuc Phuong spans more than 200 km and is a haven for nature enthusiasts.

The park is home to a myriad of rare flora and fauna, including critically endangered species like Delacour’s langur, golden-headed langur, and the black-crested gibbon. Whether you’re hiking through its lush valleys or simply soaking in the serene ambiance, Cuc Phuong is a testament to Vietnam’s commitment to conservation.

Pro Tip: While you can explore parts of the park on a bike, the best way to truly appreciate its beauty is on foot. Consider joining an organized tour to get the most out of your visit.

Local Cuisine

Cơm Cháy Chà Bông

When in Ninh Binh, eat as the locals do! The province boasts a rich culinary tradition that’s bound to tantalize your taste buds. One of the must-tries is the local goat meat dishes, known for their tender and flavorful profile.

But that’s not all; Ninh Binh is also famous for its rice-based dishes. Com Chay, a crispy rice delicacy, and Nho Quan Ant Egg Sticky Rice are just a couple of the mouthwatering options you’ll encounter.

And if you’re wondering where to savor these delights, there are numerous dining spots dotted around the province, each offering its unique take on these traditional recipes.

Fun Fact: Ninh Binh’s goat meat is considered special due to the goats’ diet. They graze on the limestone mountains, which is believed to impart a distinct flavor to the meat!

Tips for a Great Visit

Planning a trip to Ninh Binh? Here are some insider tips to ensure a memorable experience:

  • Weather Wise: The best time to visit Ninh Binh is during the months when the weather is favorable. Aim for the periods between November to April to enjoy pleasant temperatures and avoid the peak tourist seasons.
  • Dress Appropriately: If you’re visiting temples and pagodas, remember to dress modestly. Ensure your shoulders and knees are covered to show respect to the local customs.
  • Speak Like a Local: While English is spoken in tourist areas, it’s always a good idea to learn a few basic Vietnamese phrases. A simple “Xin Chào” (Hello) or “Cảm ơn” (Thank you) can go a long way in making connections.

Accommodation Options

Ninh Binh offers a range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs. From luxury resorts that promise opulence to budget guesthouses that offer a cozy stay, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience, consider opting for a homestay. Not only will you get a taste of local life, but you’ll also enjoy the warm hospitality that the Vietnamese are renowned for.

Pro Tip: When choosing your accommodation, consider its proximity to the main attractions. Staying closer to the sites can save you both time and transportation costs.

Exploring Beyond Ninh Binh

Phat Diem Cathedral, Ninh Binh

While Ninh Binh is a treasure trove of attractions, the areas surrounding it are equally enchanting. Consider taking a day trip to the Kenh Ga hot springs, a natural wonder where you can relax and rejuvenate.

Another must-visit is the Phat Diem Cathedral, an architectural marvel that beautifully blends Vietnamese and European designs. It’s a testament to the harmonious coexistence of cultures in this region.

Respectful Travel

Traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s about immersing oneself in the local culture and respecting it.

When in Ninh Binh, always be mindful of the local customs and traditions. This means not littering, not disturbing wildlife, and respecting sacred sites.

Remember, Ninh Binh’s natural and cultural heritage is a gift to the world, and as travelers, it’s our responsibility to ensure it remains unspoiled for future generations.


Is Ninh Binh suitable for family trips?

Absolutely! With its diverse attractions, Ninh Binh offers something for everyone, making it a perfect destination for families.

How many days should I spend in Ninh Binh to cover the major attractions?

Ideally, a 2 to 3-day trip would allow you to explore most of the major attractions without feeling rushed.

Are there any local festivals or events that I can attend in Ninh Binh?

Yes, Ninh Binh hosts several local festivals throughout the year, celebrating its rich cultural heritage. It’s always a good idea to check the local calendar before your visit.

Is it safe to travel solo in Ninh Binh?

Ninh Binh is generally considered safe for solo travelers. However, like any other destination, it’s essential to take standard precautions and stay informed.

Final Words

Ninh Binh, with its captivating attractions and unique offerings, is truly a hidden gem in Vietnam. From its limestone karsts to its ancient temples, every corner tells a story of nature, history, and culture.

After exploring Ninh Binh, consider extending your journey to Malaysia. With its diverse landscapes, from the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur to the pristine beaches of Langkawi, Malaysia offers a myriad of experiences waiting to be discovered.

Pack your bags, and let the adventure begin!